Hi, I’m Liberty

I live on a farm in Ohio and spend my free time hiking with my dog, Jack.
I also enjoy gardening, British television, cooking, and photography. 

Being around nature is important to me and remote work lets me spend time in rural areas where I am most productive.


I’ve been writing fiction since I was twelve and have always enjoyed crafting stories. I was mostly homeschooled in childhood and then in my teens, I completed three Associate degrees at Sinclair College in English, Creative Writing, and Liberal Arts & Sciences.

In 2020, I graduated from Indiana University (East) as The Outstanding Student in English
My concentration was in Technical & Professional Writing and I took electives in marketing and advertising. My favorite non-major course was probably biology. 

Random facts about me

  • My favorite season is autumn.
  • Apart from dogs, Scottish Highland Cows are my favorite animal.
  • My favorite color is gray, but I also like blue and green.
  • A few of my favorite words:
    Serendipity. Succinct. Perpetuate. Ephemeral. Catharsis. Ruminate.
  • My most disliked chore is dishes. 
  • I can’t seem to figure out crochet, but I love metal detecting and lockpicking. 



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Who is Liberty White, Writer