Hi, I’m Liberty.
Welcome to my portfolio.

Below, I’ve organized my work into three categories.


Great writing requires craftsmanship and any good craftsman knows there is always more to learn.
So, I consider myself an experienced learner who also answers when called a writer.

If you’d like to get in contact, feel free to reach out on social media or send an email.



My most intense passion is writing novels. I am working on two at the moment. The first one is a novella based on true events and history. The second will be a crime novel. Both incorporate the supernatural, literary themes, and poignant characters.




Copywriting is a unique craft that incorporates psychology and succinct, conversational writing. Because most of my electives were in Marketing and Advertising, I have a well-rounded knowledge of how to utilize writing for business goals.



Content Writing

While the lines between Copywriting and Content Writing are sometimes blurry, Content Writing doesn’t always persuade; rather, it informs and (hopefully) entertains. I have experience writing entertainment topics (music and film) and more.